Children or Pawns?

This morning I met two high school girls for breakfast at a local Memphis restaurant.  It has taken me a while, but I have learned that in the South food is the heartbeat of most conversations.  It was over a plate of omelets, biscuits and gravy, grits, and coffee that another great conversation ensued.

“So I might not be going to school.”

Huh..what kind of statement is that?  So of course I asked and the answer left my head swimming, much like the gravy or butter on the table.

“Well my school is delayed indefinitely until the City Council pays the public schools the money.”

The conversation continued, but here I am sitting now on my laptop doing the research for myself.  Once again I am appalled by America’s failing educational system.  I found an awesome article written about two hours ago describing the situation. Click on this link to read it:


After student teaching in Colorado I knew that Colorado had its slew of problems, but it looks like it is just America in general that is failing children and students.  Imagine with me the thousands of kids who are being transformed into chess pieces, waiting, frozen in time, the power out of their control.  Some of these students have the money to transfer schools, however the majority will be left stranded without a place to go.

America isn’t it time to step up, stop using children as pawns? Let’s discuss the educational system as adults – maybe, just maybe for once we can see the skewed mindset we hold.  Let’s realize that education is not about the money it’s about the students.  Lets stop creating failure factories.  Lets stop prohibiting our students from attending school.  Lets stop lowering our expectations.

For once lets open our eyes to the need of a solid education. 

Lets provide ALL students EQUAL opportunities. 

Lets stop treating our children as pawns.

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